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Drunk Sincerity lyrics


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     Drunk Sincerity
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        the smell of virgin pages wafted through the swinging doors
    and the croaking speech he'd heard from countries counselors before
    they said "we all care for you, we know how you suffer
    but I know you can succed, I used to have it so much rougher"
    there's hope in the words and emotion in the eyes
    it's so easy to be misled by the savvy gentle guise
    and like fools we trust the delivery
    but it's all just drunk sincerity
    in maternal family assembly poised regarding the blue tube
    the numbers crept up higher and the hawks stayed out of view
    then the generals said "we dont want our boys dead
    your sons and your husbands will be coming back heroes soon"
    with steam, heat, and rhythm in the back seat of the car
    and adolescent perspective projecting life's forecast to the stars
    you heard love from the lips and you were rapt by the hips
    and the promise was eternal but you couldn't see that far
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